Sabor A Fuego

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Passionate about salsa, afro-caribbean rhythms and the latin universe

Sabor A Fuego are Fabián and Esther, a couple passionate about the world of dance. What we are most passionate about is salsa, afro-caribbean rhythms and the latin world.

We've been involved one way or another with this world for almost our entire lives, either with the music (as a DJ) or with dancing, getting from aficionados or spectators to professional dancers and instructors.

We've been SalsaOpen spanish champions and ranked second in the world contest in Puerto Rico, and we don't refuse a final assault to the world title in the time to come.

  • Fabián, the leader of the pack

    Fabián, the leader of the pack

    We all are big puzzles, made of a thousand pieces from our experience, which make us to be what we are.

  • Esther, elegance in the details

    Esther, elegance in the details

    The unexpected ups and downs in destiny, the capricious turnarounds of life, or the predefined order in the stars take us there where we are and to be what we are.

Among other activities, we spend most of our time and energy:

  • Teaching latin dance
  • Creating new shows and choreographies, either for ourselves or for our Sabor A Fuego Dance Company
  • Creating and editing music for shows and performances
  • Designing and making dance costumes
  • Organizing regular parties at our school, where apart from enjoying social dance, we always host spectacular shows and diverting entertainment


Teaching latin dance is an essential part of our daily lives, and we're committed to it with the highest professionalism and responsibility, while providing an innovative and amusing methodology.

We teach all kinds of lessons, from our regular lessons at our Sabor A Fuego School to custom private or exclusive lessons, workshops at events, etc. Our offering includes a great variety of disciplines: on 1 and on 2 salsa, chachachá, bachata, afro, cuban rumba, ragga, ballroom dance, lifts and tricks… All of them with our unmistakable mark and style.

As a showcase of the daily work done at our school, the SAF School squad was born a few years ago, a group of our students that enjoy performing shows throughout stages in Spain.

It's a great pleasure for us, and we are highly committed to it, being able to fully develop the potential of our students. And we never forget about our desire to make a healthy lifestyle out of the dance, a lifestyle that happens to be beloved by everyone.

Shows and performances

Creating choreographies for dance shows is the other significant aspect of our work. All of our shows have the unmistakable mark of Sabor A Fuego: strength, elegance, power and energy, sabor, and the highest professionalism and accessibility towards the people. Furthermore, contact with the public is our main driving force, both during the shows and our daily teaching.

We feel a permanent need of evolving and becoming better dancers, an impulse that comes into its fruition with a prolific production (around 5 choreographies a year) and the compromise of constantly offering fresh and original courses and workshops to our fans. Our repertoire is also very diverse, going from the most romantic show to the most energetic one.

Another essential aspect of our personal mark is the attention we pay to our aestehtic, always trying to amaze the public. In general, we like to control the whole process of creating the shows, playing an active role during all the stages (music, costumes, etc).

Sabor A Fuego Dance Company

As a complement to our professional work as Fabián and Esther, and with the purpose of creating new shows different from those we display as a couple, the Sabor A Fuego Dance Company was born in 2008.

Several dancers that have been developed and trained by ourselves join us in the company, with the desire of sharing our knowledge and experience with them, giving them oportunities and making the Sabor A Fuego family grow.

Amongst our work with the Sabor A Fuego Dance Company are the shows “Hueso”, “Yo”, “Si Tú Me Lo Das”, “La Peleona”, “Timbalero”, “Besos Brujos”, “Sueño”, “La Lengua”, “Ave María” and our last great premiere “Vive”.