Sabor A Fuego

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Would you like doing exercise? Meeting people? Having fun?
Then, you wanna dance!

Whether you are trying it for the first time or you want to polish your style, at Sabor A Fuego Dance School you can learn Salsa, Styling, Bachata, Kizomba, Chachachá, Ballroom dance, Hip-Hop, Funky or Ragga.

We open from 18:30 to 23:30 from Monday to Thursday, and from 19:00 to 22:30 on Sundays. You can check our timetable to find the courses that best suit you.

You can try any of our courses with NO COST and NO OBLIGATION. And if you have any question or like more information, don't hesitate to visit us or contact us. We'll be pleased to help you.

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Where we are

We are located near the geographical center of Seville (Andalucía, Spain), inside the Santa Clara de Cuba industrial park, very close to Los Arcos shopping center.

D: C/ Mastín, nave 6
Pol. Santa Clara de Cuba
(next to Los Arcos shopping center)

41007 - SEVILLA

T: +34 651 675 745
+34 605 994 110


Precios y ofertas

These are our regular prices. Check our discounts when you attend more than one course.

Salsa35 €/month2 hours/week + FREE LATIN DANCES
Salsa (Sundays)20 €/month1 hour/week + FREE LATIN DANCES
Men & Ladies Styling35 €/month2 hours/week + FREE LATIN DANCES
Men & Ladies Styling (Sundays)30 €/month1.5 hours/week + FREE LATIN DANCES
Bachata20 €/month1 hour/week
HipHop30 €/month2 hours/week
Ragga30 €/month2 hours/week
House30 €/month2 hours/week


All courses must be paid for between 1st and 10th of each month. Failing to comply with this rule will involve an extra fee of 50% of the price of the courses.


    Check our huge discounts when you attend more than one course.

  • 2x1 for the LADIES y MEN are FREE

    Don't miss our great offer to begin dancing Salsa! 2x1 for the LADIES and MEN get it FREE in all our Beginners Salsa courses. Make it for just 17.5 €!


    Wait no more and start dancing now that our regular registration fee of 30 € is NOW FREE!

Are you more than a dance aficionado?

Whether you'd like to grow as a dancer, to have a unique show with your own music and choreography, to improve your skills, to develop as a dance instructor or to have a place for training or teaching#8230; we have all you could need. Discover everything we offer!

  • Musical Production

    Would you like to have your own dance show, for you or your students? Our musical production service is at your disposal to create a fully customized musical edition, with the songs or music genres you want, trimmed and mixed in perfect synchrony.

    Would you like to include songs not used by anybody else? We'll look for your favourite songs or those that better fit your needs, be it bachata, chachachá, salsa, rumba, afro, hiphop, ragga, house… whatever you want. MUSIC FOR YOUR SHOW exclusively for you!

    And we can also help you create and assemble your choreography.

  • Choreography Creation

    Do you need a brand new show for a dance competition, festival or congress? Let us help you create YOUR BRAND NEW CHOREOGRAPHY, with any dance style, on 1 or 2, with chachachá, bachata, lifts and tricks, rumba, afro, ragga… whatever you want!

    For all levels, from amateurs to professionals. Make the most out of this opportunity!

    And we can also create your musical edit together.

  • Training

    We bring at your disposal a PERSONAL TRAINING service to improve your technical and physical skills. Suitable for all levels, from amateurs to professionals.

    Be it simply for self-fulfillment, professional reasons or to prepare for a competition… You'll soon notice the difference!

    Would you like to broaden your background and knowledge as a dance instructor, improve your skills and have more teaching materials at your disposal? Let us help you and your students will quickly notice your improvement. GUARANTEED!

    Contact us and we'll review your personal planning together.

  • Studio Hire

    Do you need a place to train or rehearse alone, with your friends or your dance company? Are you looking for a studio where you can teach regular or intensive courses?


    • Two studios with parquet flooring, great lighting, perfect air conditioning and a powerful high-quality sound system, with a large surface of 2 and 3-meter tall mirrors
    • A third similar studio, equipped with a special flooring suitable for flamenco or classic spanish dances.

    Contact us to check availability and make your reservation well in advance.

  • Weddings & Special Occasions

    Would you like to astonish your beloved on a special day? With the music and dance style you want, we'll love to create that SPECIAL SHOW with you in record time!.

    Or… why not leaving the bride and groom flabbergasted, delighting them with a HUGE CHOREOGRAPHY? Ask us for our new group chroreographies and turn a special occasion into an unforgettable day!

  • Private Courses

    Courses designed and assembled exclusively for you, according to your needs and focused on those aspects you want to learn or improve.

    You can attend these courses either at our Sabor A Fuego Dance School or at your school in your home town, or even through our video courses service. Tell us what material you'd like to learn and we'll record an exclusive video for you, with exhaustive and detailed explanations.

    At your own pace, with no timetable restrictions, tailored courses for you and your style.