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Tú Sí Que Bailas 2012

What an amazing weekend we had in Tú Sí Que Bailas 2012. This is what you missed!

SAF en Lyon's 2012

¡Mi gente! Os invitamos este año a que vengáis con nosotros a nuestra PRIMERA participación en este congreso reconocido en toda Europa.

Unexpectedly incredible! It was unexpected because it was a little event in its first year. And it was incredible because it turned out to be an event full of energy, good sensations, power, passion for dancing and full of amazing people!

A trip beside Papito Fonotareco anticipated a funny weekend, to say the least. Just after arriving at the event location, and leaving the heat aside, we enjoyed a huge paella in a table full of friends from Málaga… Iván, Luidmyla, Antonio, Raquel, Raquel’s wonderful mother, Anita, Carolina (the superorganizer-director-bigboss that never loses her smile), etc…

Soon after that, we had our workshop, we were talking with friends, rehearsing for the show (with disco-like lighting pum pa pum pa pum pa pum pa pum, lights up, lights down, up again, and then down, hahahahaha a good time). And then the show, dancing with unstoppable energy for Ainhoa, to whom part of the event’s takings were for, to finance the surgery she needs to regain her quality of life. “Ainhoa, you deserve the best of this world, you’re pure love and tenderness!”

The night went on with lots of shows full of energy and feelings, although we had to move for the last two, since we decided to perform on the dance floor and it was great! We enjoyed it a lot and people encouraged us with their support! We wish you could always be our public whereever we go! Special mention for the last minute details: moving the speakers, replacing the microphone, replacing the cable, replacing the batteries, closing the door, opening the door, “Julio press the play button, please”, “are you ready, Fabi?”, etc… all of this with super Dj Julio Volcán, what a performance and how patient he was, it’s a pleasure having him around. And his wife too, wonderful people! Thanks for the good vibes! And the next day… more super SalsaRagga workshops!

And then, the fun was over, back to Seville and to our school to teach some salsa!

See you in Tú Sí Que Bailas 2013! (we hope so)

Tremendo BizkaiSalsa 2012

¡Pedazo de congreso en Bilbao! Si no estuviste allí, esto es lo que te perdiste…

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