Sabor A Fuego

A new couple is born from Sabor A Fuego

Meet Manuel and Marina, the craziest, funniest, energetic and hard-working couple that has joined Sabor A Fuego.


Gran estreno de “Pow-Pow”, el nuevo show de Fabián y Esther, en el DH Festival 2012

Approximately one and a half year ago, Sabor A Fuego brought a new couple to life. They are Manuel and Marina, who have been with us since they were 15 and 13, respectively.

Hailed as the new national prospects, they’ve already presented their show in several events during this year, and there are surely a few more to come throughout their career. Once they’ve coped with many stages, they’ve become a part of Sabor A Fuego Dance Company with its new 4-dancer format, performing the show “Ave María” and taking part in the new production “Vive” (thanks to everybody for the warm welcome it’s been given!).

Although performing just on their own has been a great responsibility for them, this one year long experience has been a huge impulse to our dance company, providing fresh energy and power that are making the company grow. When Fabián and Esther gave them this opportunity, they didn’t hesitate at all to take that step forward. Moreover, they feel honoured of being born into Sabor A Fuego and being able to learn from them. Having their support, attention and effort is something they are really pleased for, and they acknowledge it’s been with Sabor A Fuego that they’ve learnt everything they know related to dance.

Where does their motivation come from? Besides working hard during rehearsals and becoming better dancers learning from Fabián and Esther, the response from the public to the fruits of their labors is one of their greatest incentives. Well, and “watching Fabi’s videos”, Manuel says with a smile.

They would like to have the energy and mutual understanding of their mentors some day, and they highlight their versatility and unmistakable style as well. “Fabián and Esther feature so many varied choreographies, like night and day, they are so different from one another and so different from the shows from the rest of the dancers”, Manuel says. And Marina adds: “What one of them has, the other has it too, but even better”.

For this new season, they’d like to keep dancing with the company, making everybody enjoy the new shows, being able to display the work done with so much effort and making their mark. They’d also like to keep working on new choreographies, while also taking lessons from Sabor A Fuego at the same time (“rumba lessons”, Manuel asks for). And all of this without neglecting their studies, of course.

And what do they highlight about each other? Marina points out that “Manuel enjoys dancing very much. Also, when we are not getting something right, he doesn’t get tired of trying again and again. He’s very tenacious”. On the other hand, Manuel thinks that “Marina has worked really hard, she’s dancing much more and better than before. And she loves learning, training, becoming better”. In addition, both of them feel very comfortable and enjoy a lot dancing with each other.

Definitely, they are the craziest, funniest, energetic and hard-working couple that has come to Sabor A Fuego. Very passionate about dancing, we think that they’ll go far thanks to their huge enthusiasm, since their main goal is having fun and sharing it with all of us.


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