Sabor A Fuego

TuSalsa 2012

We’re going to Tudela! A different and unique festival, during the next October 26th and 27th, where we’ve participated since its first edition.

SAF in Marseilles

This year we’re going again to our neighboring country, France, to visit Marseilles this time and enjoy a full Salsa Weekend there!

Since the first year, since its very first edition, it’s been a pleasure and an honor for Sabor A Fuego to take part in this unique congress; a very friendly and welcoming event, with massive attendance and a superb lineup of dancers.

This event’s workshops are always crowded with students and, during the night of shows, everybody cheers a lot and makes the dancers to give everything they’ve got, driven by never-ending shouts and ovations.

TuSalsa 2012’s lineup includes the whole Sabor A Fuego Dance Company (with one show by Fabián and Esther and another one by Manuel and Marina), sharing the stage with Ibán Salgado and Adriana Torrabadella, Alfonso and Mónica, Óscar y Conce, Dinámicos de la Salsa, Gaby and Estefy, Nou Salsa, etc… and great music by MIGUELÓN Dj.

See you in Tudela during the next October 26th and 27th, to fully enjoy SALSA! You can find all the information about the event here.

Mallorca Salsa 2012

We’re making it again! Even with the new date for this 2012 edition, Sabor A Fuego will be present in Mallorca Salsa 2012.

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