Sabor A Fuego

Mallorca Salsa 2012

We’re making it again! Even with the new date for this 2012 edition, Sabor A Fuego will be present in Mallorca Salsa 2012.

TuSalsa 2012

We’re going to Tudela! A different and unique festival, during the next October 26th and 27th, where we’ve participated since its first edition.

We’re not missing it! The date for the event has changed this year, and Mallorca Salsa 2012 will take place during the next October 26th, 27th and 28th. This year, we’ll be taking part in another great event on that date, so we’ll be in Mallorca just on Sunday 28th, but we’ll be there!

Yes, just a single day, but we’ll teach two workshops and perform one show, since it’s a must for us to attend this amazing congress, packed with top dancers and such an amazing public in the island of Mallorca.

We’ll share the stage with artists such as Johnny Vázquez, Junior and Emily, Maikel Fonts, Juan Matos and Amneris, Davide Buffone, etc…

If you wish to attend the event, you can check this link with all the information about it. Have a look, see you in Mallorca on Sunday October 28th with our brand new show!

To Granada

Next Friday Sep 28th, we’ll be in Granada, giving two workshops and performing one show in the Sala Alegría nightclub.

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