Sabor A Fuego

SAF in Lyon's 2012

All my people! We invite you this year to join us during our FIRST participation into this Europe-wide well-known congress.

To Granada

Next Friday Sep 28th, we’ll be in Granada, giving two workshops and performing one show in the Sala Alegría nightclub.

When is it? It’ll be during the first weekend of August, on the 2nd, 3rd, 4rth and 5th in the city of Alicante. The event’s venues will be the Meliá Alicante Hotel and the Panoramis shopping mall.

It’s going to be a congress where you’ll enjoy both salsa artists, such as Adolfo Indacoechea, Lieb Salsaché, SABOR A FUEGO, Fernando and Ayelén, Adrián and Anita, Gaby and Estefi, Sabor Dinámico, etc… and hiphop artists such as Bruce Ykanji, Kulbic, Sergi Orduña, Babson and Manson, Serge and Kapela, etc… What else could you ask for?

And in addition to all of this, you’ll enjoy the swimming pool, the beach, and great music by wonderful djs such as Pablo Bat, Dj Nuno, Dj Leyen, etc… and, of course, huge parties and amazing shows for sure!

If you’re about to come, you’re still in time! Email us at and have a look at the congress’ website meanwhile

Hugs and kisses for everybody. See you in Lyons 2012!

BREAKING NEWS! Finally, the whole Sabor A Fuego Dance Company will take part in Lyons 2012! It’s going to be crazy in Alicante!

Yes, indeed, the whole Sabor A Fuego Dance Company in Lyons 2012!

Tú Sí Que Bailas 2012

What an amazing weekend we had in Tú Sí Que Bailas 2012. This is what you missed!

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