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Amazing BizkaiSalsa 2012

Amazing congress in Bilbao! If you were not there, this is what you have missed…

Tú Sí Que Bailas 2012

What an amazing weekend we had in Tú Sí Que Bailas 2012. This is what you missed!

We saw it coming! Huge congress in Bilbao, this super BizkaiSalsa 2012, with a wonderful group of dancers like Alfonso and Mónica, Diana and Arneys, SABOR A FUEGO, Sabor Dinámico, Spiral Dancers, Swing X4, Bayaderos, Pura Pasión, etc… and with great night parties hosted by Dj Yola and Dj Rafa Magic. A huge success!

Since we arrived really soon on Friday, we made the most of it by visiting the beautiful city of Bilbao and getting lost for 4 hours inside the Guggenheim museum (this visit is a must).

We weren’t performing shows on Friday, so Fabián hosted the night. According to the public, the night was a huge success, because of both the entertaining hosting and the amazing shows, mainly salsa but spiced up with zouk, kizomba, salsa cubana, bachata, etc…

And on Saturday, an absolute full house after the Spanish national soccer team’s victory against France! That night we performed two shows, “Que Alguien Me Diga” and “Abelebi”, which were both greatly welcomed (thanks everybody!). After the shows, we really enjoyed the crowded HUGE PARTY without nearly a second to breathe, since we were DANCING ALL THE NIGHT LONG! The one and only thing we regret is having to leave so quickly since our flight back to Sevilla took off at 7:00h in the morning!

So now, we can just wait for BizkaiSalsa 2013! AUPA and ESKERRIK ASKO!!

Sabor A Fuego, everywhere

While Fabián and Esther were taking part in BizkaiSalsa 2012, Manuel and Marina, dancers of the Sabor A Fuego Dance Company, impressed the public during the XXXIII Gala SDC in Sevilla.

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