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Meet Kilo, our younger “little” doggy son.


Kilo is our little hairy son. Well, maybe we should rather say our younger doggy son. Because to be honest, he has nothing to do with the word “little” any more. But he isn’t fat neither, huh? That’s just the way he is big and strong, a blunt dog.

Kilo has been a wanted doggy child by Fabián for his entire life. He finally arrived to our lives in November 2006 as a gift from his mother, and being just 30 days old and much smaller than Orejas. As you already know, we’ve been amazed over the years that he’s gone beyond his name and he’s turned into something much more than just a kilo.

Kilo is a noble, active and energetic dog. He behaves really good with kids, but he can’t tolerate any kind of threat to any of the other 3 family members. However, his brother Orejas is his major predator.

Kilo and Fabián love going for a walk together for hours and hours. He loves walking with any of his two grandmothers too, who take care of him when we’re working far from home. He likes bitting, breaking and destroying everything he can put into his mouth, as well as going to the beach and hanging out with little female dogs. Oh, by the way, Kilo is looking for a girlfriend.

Anyways, Kilo is a very important part of our daily life and we love him so much. Certainly, Fabián wouldn’t be the same person without their long walks, the time they share when bathing him, sprucing him up or taking care of him, and their deep conversations.



Meet Orejas, Fabián and Esther’s oldest doggy child.

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  • Orejas


    Meet Orejas, Fabián and Esther’s oldest doggy child.

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